Sounds from the edge of perception

The boundaries are pushed in the Outerrealm. Our intrepid explorers traverse the edges of ‘normal’ musical reality and present creations that are truly resonant with their spirit instead of trying to replicate the tired cliches so abundant in modern dance music. ┬áThe journey reigns supreme.

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Frequency Flyer – Soul Chance

Frequency Flyer - Soul Chance Cover

This psychedelic journey from Frequency Flyer presents two variations of the same theme. The first is an uplifting, progressive, Psychedelic banger with nods to the old and new school of Trance.
Secondly, the Dub mix presents a spacious soundscape with a meloncholic and somewhat oriental feel.

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OnePointZero – Fire Chakra – OUT NOW!

OnePointZero - Fire Chakra

Fire Chakra is the hot debut release from Australian Psy veteran, OnePointZero.

Exploring the possibilities of sound design, electronic music and acoustic healing has taken OnePointZero on a steady evolution towards an unique style of uplifting, ethereal journey music – igniting dance floors with cosmic vibrations.

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