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Frequency Flyer – Soul Chance

This psychedelic journey from Frequency Flyer presents two variations of the same theme. The first is an uplifting, progressive, Psychedelic banger with nods to the old and new school of Trance. Secondly, the Dub mix presents a spacious soundscape with a meloncholic and somewhat oriental feel. Buy it on BeatportBuy direct from us on BandcampAlso […]

OnePointZero – Fire Chakra – OUT NOW!

Fire Chakra is the hot debut release from Australian Psy veteran, OnePointZero. Exploring the possibilities of sound design, electronic music and acoustic healing has taken OnePointZero on a steady evolution towards an unique style of uplifting, ethereal journey music – igniting dance floors with cosmic vibrations. Buy on Beatport Buy on Juno Download Buy on […]

Dragonaut – Tides Of Change – OUT NOW

Dragonaut presents this unique journey fusing Techno and House with Psychedelic genres. Drawing on the energy of the outdoor experience and delving deep into the realms of imagination: Dragonaut embraces the both the journey and the fun of dance floor music. Purchase using “BUY” button on the player below, or if you prefer it’s also […]

Into the OuterRealm by Dragonaut

This quirky and intelligent release showcases the unique sound of Australian electronic musician and composer, Dragonaut. Deep Progressive House with flavors of Tribal, Funk and Jazz. Up beat drums, analog synthesis and multi-layered soundscapes take you on a journey into the realms of imagination. Buy it from us direct on Bandcamp Or if you prefer, get it on iTunes The Dragonaut sound is Deep, Melodic Forest Techno. A […]

Frequency Flyer – Flipmode Album Released

Flipmode presents a mind-bending journey weaving through cinematic soundscapes, minor-key melodies and driving rhythms. This is the long-awaited debut album from Australian bush doof pioneer, Frequency Flyer. And it’s been worth the wait. This 8-track journey refocuses the psychedelic trance sound by drawing on the experimental roots of early psy, but also keeping an eye […]