Frequency Flyer – Flipmode Album Released

Frequency Flyer - Flipmode

Flipmode presents a mind-bending journey weaving through cinematic soundscapes, minor-key melodies and driving rhythms.

This is the long-awaited debut album from Australian bush doof pioneer, Frequency Flyer. And it’s been worth the wait. This 8-track journey refocuses the psychedelic trance sound by drawing on the experimental roots of early psy, but also keeping an eye on present and future composition and production values.

Frequency Flyer is a producer, percussionist and DJ who was writing computer music back in the days when all the other kids were learning the guitar. In the many years since then, he has evolved his own unique style of electronic dance music fusing Psychedelic, Breaks and Trance, with the diverse influences of Classical, Rock, Jazz and Ambient.

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